Its almost 7 years now since I met GIS. Working in the GIS field has always been a pleasure. The great things, people, projects and ideas that come along, awesome. Life is full of surprises, stories, awesome stuff, friends, family, business and career. I found my passion in this field.

Each day is an additional gift to explore our world in mysterious ways, learn, educate, share, have fun, be happy, make money and live life. I studied Geomatics Engineering and Geospatial Information Systems(GEGIS) at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Nyeri-Kenya. This is where it all began and has come all along to this day. To me, knowledge is power and we must seek knowledge to know our ways in this great world.

Life in GIS documents my encounters with GIS and related fields and also educate others on GIS software and system development.