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Hi, Samuel here. Welcome to LIFE IN GIS

I could label myself as a GIS Developer, IT Specialist, GIS Consultant, Farmer, blogger, programmer etc but there is more to life than these labels. The Life in GIS slogan is somehow self-explanatory and it describes my life in this industry. This website acts as an inspiration, tutorial point, content place for all who are willing to learn more about GIS and other related matters in the field.
I met GIS in 2011, when I enrolled to study my Bachelors in Geomatics Engineering and GIS. I had a diploma in IT by then and spent my time developing small applications for my town businesses such as pharmacies, food joints, health clinics, farms etc. Getting to campus was a game changer. I studied GIS for a whole year before I could find and understand the intersection between IT and GIS. This changed my life.
To help myself and others to understand GIS and more so development further, my two friends and I formed a student group(GDev) which taught members about GIS software, programming and project management. To be precise, we knew what we wanted in this space. We played around with Python, JavaScript, VB.net, Java, QGIS, ArcGIS, MapWindow, Google Earth etc. We made the best versions of ourselves.
Having worked in different fields, with different clients and in different regions, I share my knowledge across the various geospatial fields to help and inspire other learners, students, devs and interested parties grow their skills and realize their potential. It has been a great journey for the last 4 years.
I started a YouTube channel under the name Life in GIS to share Vlogs with the world as I teach various skills across my industry. Aslo, on this website, I have a Forum Section under which one can ask questions and get answers from me and other experts out there.
Being an advocate for Open Data, Standards and Software, I continue to share my knowledge with the world and help make this space a better place with GIS

Worked With

Paper Presentations

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Services & Solutions Offered

  • GIS Consultancy Services
  • ERP Solutions – SaaS Platforms
  • GIS Training
  • Mentorship Programmes – Talks