Install QGIS 3.4 in Ubuntu 16.04

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The month of October, 2018, ushered in the new LTR, QGIS 3.4 “Madeira”. This was a long-awaited version as it unleashes powerful tools for use by GIS enthusiasts in the industry. Switching to QGIS 3.4  is very easy for users who’ve been on the previous 3.x versions. For users moving from 2.x, it might look like a whole new software. Anyway, QGIS 3.4 is here for your use. This version is compiled against Qt 5.5.1, GDAL/OGR 2.2.2, GEOS 3.5.1 and PostgreSQL Client 9.5.2

In this guide, I demonstrate a way to install QGIS 3.4.x in Ubuntu. On Windows, you can get the installer at QGIS Download Page

To install QGIS 3.4 “Madeira” in your Ubuntu 16.x, follow the steps below (These are the steps I used to install 3.4 on my system);

Add the following lines to sources.list

Add the PPA

Get the Key

Update the System

Install QGIS together with GRASS Plugin

That’s it. Enjoy the new power in QGIS.
You can have more than one version of the QGIS software on both any OS.


  1. Hi Samuel,
    I use on Ubuntu 16.04 and have been using QGIS 2.18 (LTR) but I am unable to install 3.4 (LTR) even after uninstalling and purging the previous LTR. You also mentioned in this post that it is possible to keep both versions. How can I achieve this?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello. Do you find any files under the QGIS installation folders on your local? You can use synaptic package manager to check for these files, uninstall them then follow the procedure above to install the 3.4

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