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GeoDjango is a Django module used for developing GIS web applications. Django is Python framework for web development. Using the Spatial databases, data analytics, using Geospatial libraries can all be handled in the GeoDjango module. On this tutorial page, you will be able to learn GeoDjango application development from scratch upwards. 

The tutorial is structured in the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Geodjango tutorial series
  2. Introduction to Django projects
  3. Spatial data and Geo-databases
  4. Configuration of Leaflet in Django admin
  5. Generate GIS models from Geospatial data
  6. Front-End (Urls, Views, Templates and Static files)
  7. Popups in Leaflet
  8. Handling baselayers
  9. Analytic tools – Routing Controls
  10. Map printing tools
  11. Conclusion

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You can view the entire series in the video below:

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